Demolition, excavation, clearing, assembly, scaffolding, gardens

Performed by demolition of walls, various reinforced concrete structures, garden houses and fences. Our specialty is demolition of industrial buildings and construction of structures.

We offer a wide range of services associated with demolition, cleaning and preparation of construction sites and premises. 

Our services

Our branches are in České Budějovice, Velešín, Frymburk, Český Krumlov, Vyšší Brod and Kájov.

How does cooperation with us work?

  • Tell us what you need

    Do you need to demolish, dig up, clear out, install or modify something in your garden? Call or email us and we'll get back to you to discuss everything for free.

  • We will prepare a quotation for you

    We do nothing without your knowledge. We will always clarify how much our services will cost you first so that there is no confusion in the final billing. After a personal inspection of the site or premises and your individual request, we will prepare a quotation.

  • We carry out the agreed works in due time

    Our goal is always to provide the best service to our customers and ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget.

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